SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Internet Marketting

If some one asks us, what an SEO is or what work do you do in SEO?
We answer them with some examples. Such as, if you have your own business and want to increase your sale you must advertise your product on television, radio, news papers, magazines, posters or banners on various places. And these way you can increase popularity as well as sale of your business initially. But for constant popularity or sale of your product you should maintain the quality of your product, which will raise your popularity always.
And in internet we do advertise one site to on various other related site and this is called Link Building Service, we do advertise or post your link on various places like, directory, forums, blogs, guest book etc. and this is called Link Popularity Service And for become popular in Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Msn we have to use proper content with keywords, Link Building Service, Link Popularity Service and these whole processes which are used for getting rank in search engines is called Search Engine Optimization and getting traffic from search engine is called Search Engine Marketing.
These all depend on votes. We bring those votes from various quality sites in favor of your site for increasing rank in search engines, with our experience and hard working, How much quality links you’ll collect for your site you rank will high as well.

Technically we can divide Search Engine Optimization into two parts, On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization :

On Page Optimization
Off Page optimization
Link Building Service
Keyword Researching
Link Popularity Service
Competitor Analyzing 
Directory Submission : we use all types of Directory submission, paid and general both.
Meta tag setting
Article submission
Title tag setting  
Search Engine Submission
Pay Per Click (If Required)
W3D validation
Page Indexing
Sitemap Creation
Content Analyzing
Article creation


SASTECH,  divides the SEO Packages into three parts according to keywords and cost :

  1. Beginner Plan-------------10 Keywords analyze, Duration 6 months, Price $1000

  1. Intermediate Plan------- 20 Keywords analyze, Duration 6 months, Price $1700

  1. Expert Plan----------------35 Keywords analyze, Duration 6 months, Price $2500

  1. Custom Plan where you can choose your own plan.


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